Indian Clothing 101

Indian clothing is considered one the most beautiful ethnic pieces of clothing around the world. Coming in a range of gorgeous colors, patterns, styles, and designs, Indian clothing portrays the beauty and eloquence of the female body. Many different types of Indian clothing for women exist and differentiating them can sometimes be difficult. Here is a quick look into the different types of Indian outfits that are generally worn:

Saris are the most popular piece of clothing amongst females in India; women are seen wearing saris on a daily basis, and not only for special occasions. Saris are rectangle cotton, nylon, or silk fabrics that can measure up to 5 to 6 feet long. A petticoat is worn (a tight long skirt) tightly around the waist, and the sari fabric is spun around and tuck tightly in the petticoat. Pleats are then made and tucked in the petticoat as well, and the rest of the fabric is then folded over one side of the shoulder. Saris are worn with short length blouses called Cholis.

Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameezes are the second most popular type of Indian clothing amongst Indian women. Salwares are pyjama like trousers that are tied tightly around the waist. They are loose fitting and generally quite long in length. Kameezes are long, loose type blouses or dresses that are worn with the Salwares. Many of these blouses usually have the Kurti style design to them.

Lehenga Choli
Lehenga Choli, also referred to as Gaghra Choli or simply Lehenga, look like a much simpler version of the Sari. A pleated skirt is worn and is accompanied by a short or long fitted blouse known as the Choli, the similar type of blouse that is also worn with the Sari. Lehengas are usually accompanied by dupattas, or long scarves or veils which can be worn in any desired manner.

Churidar is essentially the exact same thing as Salwar Kameez but differs as it is generally more form fitting. The pants will start off tight near the ankles and will increase in size upto the waist (almost like skinny jeans);the length is usually no longer than below the ankles. Churidar are also worn with Kameezes.

For more information on different types of Indian clothing, you can visit or click on the following link: website.

For a look at all the aboved mentioned Indian clothing for women, as well as for men, check out this Indian clothing fashion show:

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5 Responses to Indian Clothing 101

  1. I loved this fashion show. Saris make girls even more beautiful. I loved all the pictures you posted…All the pictures are really nice…


  2. WOOOOOOOW, I love Kaitrina Kaif’s sari; it’s beautiful and love the color. I also love “Chauridar”. I think its not only the design of the indian clothes that attracts people from all aroung the world but also the colors.

    Very informative blog:)

  3. Tara says:

    I love silky chauridar pajamas. I like really all of beautiful girls whose wear pajamas.

  4. A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a sari. A sari can make any woman look elegant and attractive at the same time. There is a wide range of saris to choose from; Banarasi sari, Kanchivaram saree, Jamdani saree, Kantha sari or Chiffon saree. There are so many ways to drape a saree that you can never go out of ideas….Sari is mostly worn in events parties wedding an so onn in all festive occasions……the elegance of a sari is just majestic in all aspects

  5. says:


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