Fresh off the boat 2NE1



South Korean Hip Hop group, 2NE1

The music industry is in full boom in Asia; new artists and groups are emerging constantly in countries such as Korea, Japan and China. Their fame in Asia is immense, and now some groups are breaking their Asian boundaries and taking large steps into music markets from around the world.

South Korean Hip-Hop group 2NE1 has been causing a stir in the American music industry recently. Consisting of four members, leader and rapper CL, vocalists Dara and Bom, and rapper Minzy, the group is becoming a hot topic around the world.

Before debuting, the girls trained under YG entertainment, the biggest Hip-Hop and R&B record label in South Korea. YG has some of the biggest name groups and artists in South Korea under their label such as Big Bang and Se7en. In Korea, groups need to train for years with their company before they can debut; for four years 2NE1 trained under the supervision of YG, perfecting their dancing and singing. Their debut was highly anticipated amongst Koreans, and when the time came, they did not disappoint. The group debuted in 2008 hit with their smash hit Fire and have since been dominating music charts around the world with amazing follow-up singles such as I Don’t Care and Try to Follow Me. They’re latest album, To Anyone, ranked #1 on iTunes most downloaded Hip-Hop albums in the US and #3 in Canada, beating out famous singers like Usher, Eminem and Drake. And this was before the album was even released; pre-orders totalled to 120,000 copies, and the group sold 100,000 copies in 5 days after the album’s release date. This is impressive because To Anyone happens to be 2NE1’s very first full length album, having only ever released digital singles and mini albums prior. And for a group that only debuted 2 years ago, the demand for their music is outstanding!

The girls will soon be starting their debut in Japan, following the steps of many other Korean artists who have done the same. However, the girls are also planning to make their way to America! They are currently working with famous hip-hop music producer, Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas to help kick start their debut. Three of the members can already speak fluent English, and the group have begun to record songs in English, their first ever being Can’t Nobody featured on their To Anyone album.

 2NE1 has already boarded a boat destined for America, and they will be arriving with a bang! Anticipate it!

For more info and the latest news on 2NE1, as well as complete list of their albums and songs, you can visit YG Entertainments official website here.

Check out 2NE1’s very first hot single, Fire:

Here is a live performance of their latest track, Clap Your Hands:

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Apple’s latest “touch” of genius

Apple has been coming out with a lot of sweet gadgets recently; the latest iPhone, the iPhone 4, is no doubt an amazing piece of machinery, and the Apple iPods only seem to be getting better and better. With the release of the newly redesigned Apple Shuffle, we also have the release of the very sophisticated 6th generation iPod Nano. The iPod nano’s slick new design makes it the latest hot topic mp3 on the market. Not only has it been upgraded with a wonderful touch screen, but it has also shed quite a bit of weight and height compared to its last generation. Coming in a range of anodized aluminum colors (Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Grey, and Black) and sporting a perfect 1.54 sized touch screen, the latest Nano offers customers something different.

Although the latest iPod Nano is impressive on the outside, its functions are pretty basic. The Nano can play music and display pictures… but that’s about it. No, you can’t download “aps” on it, and no, you can’t take pictures with it. You can access the radio, however, and play around with the menus setup, which is actually quite fun (you can flip your menus upside down and reposition its icons). For work out junkies and sport lovers, the new Nano’s design is very convenient: just clip it on and easily control your music with the convenient touch screen. It also has one particular application, the pedometer, which keeps track of your steps, records your workout time, and displays the amount of calories burned. The Nano also provides the following: a feature called Voice-Over, which can voice over any song’s details in 29 different languages; a contrast option where you can change the Nano’s menu colour, and a Mono Audio option which allows you to shift sound more towards one ear bud than the other.

For a more detailed look at the 6th generation iPod Nano, you can visit Apple’s online store here.

In the meanwhile, check out the Apple’s nice new ads for the latest nano:

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